Under Pressure?

Heating System under Pressure?

Flexcon PA – Comfort and Reliability

Many central heating-system faults can be attributed to insufficient or overdue topping up with water. As a customer, this can mean that you are withoiut heating or hot water for a period of time or until you can speak with a helpful engineer. As a service company, it means you are faced with providing over the phone advice or  having to go the customer simply to restore the water level in the system. Many of these emergency call-outs occur outside the regular maintenance contract. Customers subsequently take an unnecessary hit in the wallet due to the call out / travel expenses / labour for which they are then billed.

Professional heating system service companies focus on two things: satisfied customers and efficient business operations. You want to help as many people as possible. The more customers that you can provide with warmth and comfort, the better. The Flamco Flexcon PA is a smart sensor with a mobile App that helps both the installer and end user monitor the pressurisation of central heating systems. The Flexcon PA is connected to an app on a smartphone or tablet. Conveniently, both you and your customers can have access to its display. While carrying out routine maintenance, you have access to a special service menu with detailed information allowing you to assess the system’s condition. If any parts need replacing, this is shown immediately during the service.

lexcon PA autofill Brochure 1Flexcon PA autofill Brochure 3


  • Records and sends out an alert when there are problems detected with pressurisation
  • Assists in the topping up of the central heating system so ikt is always at optimum operational pressure
  • Advises on the expected lifespan of the expansion vessel (initial pressure) with having to disconnect it.
  • Is able to monitor scheduled maintenance intervals for virtually any component in the system.
  • Comes with an app that shows complete system status,analyses the pressure readings and provides corresponding maintenance advice.
  • Can be supplemented with an AutoFill unit that fully automates the topping up of central heating systems as well as providing leak detection.

Flexcon PA Autofill

The Flexcon PA AutoFill monitors the pressure in the central heating system. With a permanent connection to the waterpipe, the system is automatically topped up to the required pressure level whenever it drops. The Flexcon PA effectively monitors and detects the current system pressure and when required will send a signal to the autofill unit to top up the system to the required level with the customer having to get involved at all. (Autofill unit not currently WRAS approved).


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