Pumping out the Savings

Smith’s ES (Energy Saving) Range

Smith’s domestic ES circulating pump range is a wet rotor high efficiency circulating pump driven by an inverter controlled EC permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Energy Saving

Compared to the market leading competitor’s comparible pump the ES2 is 15% more efficient. The ES2 pump has an index of energy efficiency of 0.20 compared to 0.23 of competitors.

Inverter Tech

Technology allows the circulator to change the rotating speed.

Auto Adapt (ES2 Adapt Model)

Enables the circulator to actively adapt its performance to the demands of the system.

Automatic Rotor Unlocking Program

Senses when the rotor is jammed and starts an automatic unlocked blocking sequence.

Venting Detection

Senses the presence of air in the system it has special software system that starts a procedure to make it easier to vent the system.

Long Warranty

Comes with a market leading guarentee of 5 Years.

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