Zeparo ZUCM


Zeparo ZUCM – Low loss header with magnetic action, seperator for microbubbles and sludge particles.

The Zeparo ZUCM has a magnetic rod that is retained inside the base of the unit. The magentite is forced towards the bottom of low loss header attracted to the magnetic rod where there is a drain off point. The rod can be removed without draining the system. At the top of the unit is a seperator for micro bubbles, removing air from the system. These can be paired with thermal insulation jackets: Zeparo ZHU-ZUC/ZUCM (1″ = 7871525 | 1 1/4″ = 7871532 | 1 1″2 = 7871540)

Dry magnetic rod in pocket to increase the magnetite capture. Female thread or compression fitting (22mm). Horizontal installation.

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The Zeparo ZUCM is for venting and separation of micro bubbles, sludge and magnetite within heating, solar and cooling water systems whilst also performing its main role as a low loss header. The helistill separator makes the Zeparo ZUCM incredibly efficient.

Technical description

Heating, solar and chilled water systems.

Non-aggressive and non-toxic system media.
Addition of antifreeze agent up to 50%.

Max. admissible pressure, PS: 10 bar
Min. admissible pressure, PSmin: 0 bar

Max. admissible temperature, TS: 110 °C
Min. admissible temperature, TSmin: -10 °C


Transportation and storage:
In frostless, dry places.

Additional information


DN25 (1") PN10, DN32 (1 1/4") PN10, DN40 (1 1/2") PN10


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