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The Wilo HiControl1 (4190896) is an electronic control and command accessory. It automatically switches the pump on or off, when opening or closing the water tap. Another important feature of the switch is dry run protection in case of insufficient water inflow, excessive suction height and leakage of piping. Low flow detection starts below 1.6 l/min.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The HiControl 1 automatic pump control system is a device which protects the pump in the event of low water. Additionally it also controls the starting and stopping of the pump based on the system pressure/flow conditions. When a tap is turned on, the pressure in the system falls. As a result the pump immediately starts working at the factory preset 1.5 bar. The pump then continues to operate as long as there is a minimum flow (> 95 l/h) in the pipes.

When the tap is turned off, the pump will automatically stop after a 10-second time delay. The automatic control system protects the pump in the event of low water. The motor will stop after 30 seconds. The stopped motor is shown by the presence of a red indicator light turning on. A press of the RESET button will restart the pump. The pump is stopped when a flow of < 95 l/h is detected. It will be restarted once the 1.5-bar pressure threshold is reached.

Dry-running faults are managed with automatic restarts every 30 minutes for a period of 24 hours. The pump is capable of beinmgh operated manually by holding down the button on the front (hold down during priming). The factory preset cut-in pressure ensures correct operation up to a maximum of 10 metres from the height of the highest tap above the control system.

The electronic controller controls when the pump starts and stops, in the absence of the opening or closing of taps or valves in the system. A distinctive feature of this product is its ability to maintain pressure in the water pipe network with the taps turned off.


The HiControl 1 automatic control system must be installed on the discharge port of in-line pumps. As the automatic control system is fitted with an integrated non-return valve, it is st discourage its installation in a pipework which already has a non-return valve.

Hydraulic connection

We recommend installing the gate valves on the suction and discharge side of the pump. The cross-section of the pipe must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the
suction port on the pump housing. A non-return valve may be placed at the discharge port to protect the pump from water hammer. If connected directly to the public drinking water mains, the suction pipe must also be fitted with a non-return valve and a shut-off valve. If connected indirectly via a tank, the suction pipe must be fitted with a suction strainer to stop impurities from entering the pump, and a non-return valve.

  • Switching pressure 1.5 bar
  • Compact construction and simple assembly
  • No-noise operation
  • Integrated water pump protection
  • High reliability
  • Indications of operating condition

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