The TeslaTun 22mm dry trap tundish achieves four functions in one innovative, compact design.

The type AA back-flow device which incorporates a waste trap, saving time and cost during installation. The specially designed seal prevents odours or gases from entering the building, whilst still allowing discharged water to be conveyed to waste safely.

The WRAS approved TeslaTun enables the installer to provide a faster, easier and cost-effective installation as the all in one solution eliminates the need for additional traps.

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The TESLATUN 22mm dry trap tundish offers faster, easier and more cost effective installation by comparison with traditional tundishes and traps if connecting to a soil pipe or external termination point.

It includes a specially designed seal that prevents any smells or gases entering the building when the discharge is connected to a soil, vent or other waste pipe, but still permits any discharge to be safely conveyed to waste.

  • Type AA backflow prevention
  • 15 x 22mm compression connections
  • Ideal for use with an unvented water heater or boiler relief valve discharge
  • Operates under full bore discharge or with only a few drips
  • Faster, easier and cost effective installation
  • Visual means of discharge
  • Flow rate – upto 18 litres per minute

The TESLATUN 22mm operates under full bore discharge or with only a few drips due to its unique design and is ideal for use with any pressure relief valve on unvented cylinders, boilers, under sink water heaters and instant hot water taps.


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