Talon Rubber Lined Clips


Talon Rubber Lined Clips are available in sizes from 15mm to 105mm and benefit from a dual 8 / 10mm base thread. They can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The rubber lining provides noise suppressing quality and provides additional rigidity through the reinforced grooves.

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Talon Rubber Lined Clips are ideal for confined spaces. Available between 15mm and 105mm, these Talon Rubber Lined Clips provide good sound suppression. Bolts supplied with a combined slot and cross/philips head. Made in Britain.

The clips are sold in packs of 10, 5 and 1 depending on the sizes required:

Pack of 10
MSTR18 15 – 19mm
MSTR22 20 – 25mm
MSTR28 26 – 30mm

Pack of 5
MSTR35 32 – 36mm
MSTR42 38 – 43mm
MSTR54 53 – 58mm

Pack of 1
MSTR80 81 – 86mm
MSTR90 87 – 92mm

Suitable backplates to suit the Talon Rubber Lined Clips are also available in both male and female versions. Sold in packs of 10, they are of steel construction. As with the Talon Rubber Lined Clips these are also Made in Britain.

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MSTR18 15 – 19mm (Pack of 10), MSTR22 20 – 25mm (Pack of 10), MSTR28 26 – 30mm (Pack of 10), MSTR35 32 – 36mm (Pack of 5), MSTR42 38 – 43mm (Pack of 5), MSTR54 53 – 58mm (Pack of 5), MSTR80 81 – 86mm (Pack of 1), MSTR90 87 – 92mm (Pack of 1)


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