Smith’s Space Saver SS5


Replace your kitchen radiator with a Smith’s Space Saver plinth heater!

The space saver eliminates the need for a wall mounted kitchen radiator. As a result it frees up valuable wall space for additional appliances, units and work surface. The space saver sits neatly within the plinth under a kitchen unit.
Available with a stainless steel fascia to complement most kitchen designs and currently available in hydronic (hot water) only.

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The best selling plinth heater from Smith’s EP UK!

Smith’s Space Saver replaces your old radiator and fits in the plinth under your kitchen cupboards.
Choosing a Space Saver means you can have the kitchen you want – more storage, more work-surface, more appliances! A space saver is a much more affordable, controllable alternative to underfloor heating. This discreet heater runs off your central heating system to provide instant warmth.

Don’t let looks fool you, this is not an electric heater, this plumbs in like a radiator but takes up a fraction of the space. As a result, the Smiths Spacesave SS5 enables you to have the kitchen you really want, with more space and more comfort!

Easy to use
Smith’s Space Saver comes on and off with your central heating, just like the rest of your radiators do. It uses the same water that your radiator uses, just a lot less and it has a tiny energy efficient electric fan that pushes out the heat into the room.

How many do I need?
As a rule of thumb, for every radiator you remove, install one Space Saver.

Is it quiet?
Good question. The sound is very similar to that of your fridge and we think you won’t notice it as you go about your daily life in your kitchen, boiling kettles, running taps, chatting with friends.

Is it expensive to run?
Not at all. As the heat comes from your boiler, so the only extra cost is the running cost of the fan. Consequently it costs 1p a day to use a Space Saver in your kitchen.


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