Shut off Valve


The ideal shut off valve for use on a membrane expansion vessel.

With a 3/4″ connection and rated up to 10 bar, this brilliant shut off valve allows the expansion tank to be isolated and drained down. As a result this shut off valve offers huge time, chemicals and water savings! A complete game changer!

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Blown pressure vessel? Membrane failed? Incorrectly sized?

If you are changing a pressure vessel you are going to wish you had this shut off valve installed to allow the isolation of the vessel to be drained down without requiring the draining of the entire system. Saving you time time of draining an entire system of water for a simple vessel change. Saving you the draining of an entire systems worth of water – water saving credentials! Saving you and your customer the cost of having to refill the system with inhibitor chemicals – Bonus!

Ideal for small heating and cooling systems up to 100 litres in renovation or new build projects. The product has a simple design and is of a robust construction.


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