Palco FlipFix Circular Panel


The Panel is 3 Hour Fire Rated for integrity up to 300mm diameter in a ceiling application.

The Palco FlipFix Circular Panel is simple to install and suitable for ceilings only where regular maintenance to services is required. Fitting requires no battening out of the structural opening due to the unique FlipFix Device which clamps the frame on to the rear of the boards.

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Palco FlipFix Circular Panel
  • 3 Hour Fire Rated
  • Picture Frame
  • Metal Face, Metal Door
  • FlipFix Fitting Device
  • Suitable for wall & ceiling use
  • Turn Screw Lock
  • The Panel is Non acoustic rated.
  • The Panel is not Air Pressure tested
  • The Panel is not Smoke Tested.
This Palco FlipFix Circular Panel is designed to ?t into a structural membrane of a joint-less plasterboard wall & ceiling system. It is manufactured with a Beaded frame for tape and jointing / skim-coat plastering. The panel has a Metal faced door. The panels door leaf is locked in place via a Turn Screw Lock. The Panel is Powder Coated Primed for on site Decoration. Other colours available upon request. This panel is for inspection use only and are not suitable for personnel access.
Make sure the structural opening is at least 5mm larger than the panel size, back of frame size. E.G a 600xmm Diameter panel size requires a 605mm hole size. You don’t need to remove the door, just open the panel using the budget lock key provided, place the panel into the aperture. Tighten the FlipFix device via the ?xing screw behind the door leaf to clamp on the back of the plasterboard (The FlipFix device covers boards from 8mm to 32mm) Lock the door in place; the door and frame should be ?ush. Sit back and relax, you’ve just saved yourself 20 minutes. Apply Intumescent acrylic mastic on both faces of the frame, nominally 5mm wide sealing to the supporting construction.

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