GloForce Eye Light


The GloForce Eye Light is a small and powerfull floodlight with a 1000 Lumen LED light capable of up to 7 hours Run Time.

The 270mm flexible gooseneck screws into the base of the glowforce eye light and has a very strong rubberised magnet at the base. Included within the pack is a metal frame stand. Convienently the Gloforce Eye Light also doubles as a USB powerbank, great on any site to ensure you have both light to see what you are doing, and power to your key devices.


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The Gloforce Eye Light is a 1000 Lumen rechargeable LED floodlight with a 27cm  Magnetic gooseneck, which can position the light exactly where it’s needed! Either as a stand alone light, attached to metal surfaces or even hooked over or wrapped around items or surfaces. If that’s not convenient enough, then optional accessories include clamps, suction cups and magnetic feet to make this, what we believe, is the most convenient and versatile work-light out there.
Using the most advanced LED Chips, the Gloforce Eye Light outperforms most battery floodlights four times it’s size and weight.
The light head only weighs 220g and has a diameter of only 70mm. The eye light comes with a helpful LED battery indicator and it even acts as a USB power bank and can charge your phone or tablet!

The Gloforce Eye Light is your perfect Trade companion. IP65 and IK10 rated (both weather and shock proof!), versatile enough to be used almost anywhere with its abilities to stick through magnets, be worn, or be stood on its stand AND able to offer you a acharging lifeline on your key devices.

The light even has a built in SOS Flash mode, just incase you happen to get yourself into some real trouble.

Key Features

  • Intensely Bright 1000 Lumen Cordless Floodlight.
  • Strong Non Scratch Rubber Magnet
  • 27cm Goosenec to position the light exactly where its needed
  • 7 Hours run time medium beam and over 3.5 hours on full beam
  • Can be positioned into areas other light’s cant
  • Can be hung over shoulders as a hands free work light/floodlight
  • Can be hooked over or wrapped around items and surfaces
  • Can be used as a stand alone light using metal frame
  • Light Head can be detached, weighs only 220g and pocketable
  • Optional Clamp, Suction Cup and MagFoot accessories
  • IP65 and IK10 (weather and shock Proof)
  • USB Power bank to charge phone and other mobile devices
  • LED Battery Power Indicator


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