Expansion Vessel Service Valve


The Expansion Vessel Service Valve enables installers to service and/or replace an expansion vessel without having to drain down the whole system.

The expansion vessel service valve will save any engineer time and money when servicing or replacing an expansion vessel.


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Aimed at saving engineers time and money the Expansion Vessel Service Valve as some key benefits:

• Isolate without having to drain down the whole system
• No need to add inhibitor back into the system
• Allows the vessel to be isolated and drained for essential periodic servicing and re-charging
• Shut off and drain, for membrane expansion vessels in sealed heating and cooling systems
• Protected shut/open facility against inadvertent closing
• Anti-tamper lever
• Drain vessel contents according to EN 12828
• Can be used in conjunction with the Tesla Sealed System Installation Kit (EVCKIT)
• Supplied with washer and locking wire
• Swivel nut for ease of installation
• Includes swivel drain off

Expansion Vessel service valve specifications:

  • 3/4 male thread
  • 3/4 female swivel nut
  • Made of Brass, Steel and Plastic
  • Contains 1 valve, washer and locking wire
  • Max Pressure 10 bar
  • Max operating temp 120c



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