Eclipse TRV Pack 15mm


Radiator pack Eclipse TRV GB – 15mm Thermostatic radiator valve with automatic flow control, head and lockshield.

Eclipse TRV, the new automatic thermostatic radiator valve providing automatic balancing for radiator systems thanks to its integrated flow limiter, enhancing system efficiency and providing energy savings of up to 35%. It is also easy and quick to install – adjust the flow directly on the valve in less than 10 seconds! This pack includes an automatic flow control Eclipse TRV body, DX head and lockshield.

For effective and correct usage, all radiators within a property will require one of these units.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”” el_width=”80″ align=”center”][vc_column_text]The IMI Heimeier Eclipse TRV radiator pack, consists of an automatic flow control TRV body, DX head and lockshield. Designed for application in a two-pipe pumped heating system. The required design flow for each radiator is set directly on the Eclipse trv. This automatic flow limitation is done with a twist and the adjusted flow will then not be exceeded. Even if there is an oversupply of pressure, due to load changes in the system, for example other valves closing or during morning start up, Eclipse trv will guarantee the desired flow. The thermostatic head with our incompressible liquid-filled sensor guarantees a reliable and precise room temperature control.

Technical description

Applications area:
Heating systems

Flow limitation

DN 15

Pressure class:
PN 10

Max. working temperature: 120°C, with protection cap or actuator 100°C.
Min. working temperature: -10°C.

Flow range Eclipse:
The flow can be stepless pre-set within the range: 10-150 l/h.
Delivery setting 150 l/h.
(Max. nominal flow qmN at 10 kPa respecting EN 215: 115 l/h)

Differential pressure (ΔpV) Eclipse:
Max. differential pressure:
60 kPa (<30 dB(A))
Min. differential pressure:
10 – 100 l/h = 10 kPa
100 – 150 l/h = 15 kPa

Valve body: Brass
O-rings: EPDM rubber
Valve disc: EPDM rubber
Return spring: Stainless steel
Valve insert: Brass, PPS (polyphenylsulphide)
The complete thermostatic insert can be replaced using the IMI Heimeier fitting tool without draining the system.
Spindle: Niro-steel spindle with double O-ring sealing.

Material thermostatic head:
ABS, PA6.6GF30, brass, steel,
Liquid-filled thermostat.

Surface treatment:
Valve body and fittings are nickel-plated.

IMI, country code, flow direction arrow, KEYMARK-Designation. II+ Designation.
Orange protection cap.

The thermostatic valve bodies meet the following requirements:
– KEYMARK certified and tested to DIN EN 215.

Pipe connection:
G1/2 male thread with 15 mm compression fitting for copper or precision steel pipe.

Connection to thermostatic head and actuator:
IMI Heimeier M30x1.5

Thermostatic head DX:
Thermostatic head DX with closed graduation cap and liquidfilled thermostat. High actuating force, minimum hysteresis, optimum closing time. Stable control response even with minor calculated p-band variations (<1 K). Setting numbers 0–IIIII. Frost protection. Temperature range 0 °C to 28 °C.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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15mm Angled, 15mm Straight


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