Caldensate Acidic Neutraliser is designed to treat the acidic waste produced by all condensing boilers.

Condensing boilers produce water vapour during combustion, the water vapour condenses and latent heat passes into the system. Acidic water known as ‘condensate’, is produced. If the condensate is pumped straight to the drain, it can have a harmful effect on the environment.
The tough, non-corrosive, in-line unit is quick and easy to fit onto 22mm condense pipe. There is no need to dig a condensate trap. CalDensate is versatile – it can be fitted with all makes of condensing boiler – even those that are situated above ground floor level.
The acidic waste from condensing boilers (condensate) damages the environment. Dealing responsibly with condensate is easy with CalDensate.

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Condensate Acidic Neutraliser Benefits:
Robust in-line unit
Complete with push-fit fittings for use with acidic water
Acid compatible – will not corrode
Unique cartridge refill
Suitable for installation with all combination boilers
No need to dig condensate traps
Perfect for boiler installations above ground level
Reusable unit and replaceable refill — less acidic and less landfill waste
To be used on 22mm Condense pipe

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