Caldensate Replacement Cartridge


Caldensate Replacement Cartridge

The Caldensate Replacement Cartridge negates the complete replacement of the CalDensate unit. The unique replaceable cartridges for CalDensate makes the unit even more environmentally friendly.  The cartridge only needs to be replaced every 12 months which would mean this would usually be done alongside an annual boiler service.

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Caldensate Replacement Cartridge – Densate R

To maintain the performance of the Caldensate it is strongly recommended to replace the cartridge in line with the annual service of the boiler.

If the unit is installed externally, adequate protection from frost, water and extreme weather conditions must be considered and addressed. In situations where the external condensate drainage pipe is less than a nominal diameter of 32mm the pipe must be protected from frost and insultaed against potential water.



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