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Welcome to our Featured Products page. This is where you will find detailed write ups, technical information, images, and purchasing links to all of our featured products. Our aim at MyMkudu is to provide a gateway to the best available Plumbing and Heating products currently available from a range of manufacturers.

Filtering Out the Dirt

Small, yet powerful, the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter is the latest addition to the award-winning TF1 range, ideal for installations where space and access areas are restricted.

TF1 Omega Filter

Smith’s EP UK Energy Saving Range

Smith’s domestic ES circulating pump range is a wet rotor high efficiency circulating pump driven by an inverter controlled EC permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Ultimate permanent scale protection.

The Scaleout XP from Monarch Water has been designed to give performance and protection to permanently prevent limescale for the whole houe and its appliances.

Scaleout XP

Feeling Under Pressure?

The Flexcon PA and Flexcon PA Autofill providing comfort and reliability through handling the pressure in your heating system in a smarter way

Pump it up and away

The Geyser from Planus is a waste water lifting station capable of handling water temperatures of up to 100º celsius making the perfect multiple purpose pump for plumbers and heating engineers.

Planus Geyser